Rain or shine! Public Rally Wed., July 25, 6pm, Sunnyside Arch

DOT proposal: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/skillman-ave-43rd-ave-june2018.pdf

Rain alert: Bring your umbrellas!

•Attend public rally, “Save Our Neighborhoods,” Sunnyside Arch, 46th St. & Queens Blvd.. Wednesday, Jul 25 at 6pm
•Sign petition online:
•311 say ”comment to Mayor” atprompt, give name & zip to operator
•”Oppose” -Call Mayor’s number: 212-788-3000
•”Oppose” Call Councilman’s number 718-383-9566
• for Instant Alerts:
Send name & number QueensStreetsforAll@gmail.com

• Want to volunteer to get the word out by calls or flyers?
Email QueensStreetsforAll@gmail.com
Call 718 909 4806
Queens Streets for All is an alliance within or near the DOT proposal of every school, church, business in the Woodside- Sunnyside DOT corridor, and residents, totaling a group of over 12,000 and counting.

We are extremely distressed that the mayor announced July 12 his move forward in August of 2018 to complete his DOT proposal, publicly opposed by our Community Board, Congressman, Councilman, Assemblywoman, and majority of residents.

Many of us are bicyclists, support protected bike lanes, and greater safety for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. Protected lanes could be installed tomorrow with no loss of parking spaces.

We invite the mayor to come here and speak to us, see the streets, and reconsider his proposal, going through it page by page, with representatives from our first responders who have mentioned safety issues. The narrowing and loss of a lane of traffic on the two streets, both one-way and only two-lane, would cause an immediate hardship to the majority of local people.

The drastic loss of parking 116 spaces is also a hardship, with scarce space already and drivers circling for hours. The rate of car ownership here is half the Queens rate, and more congestion and search for parking, with no municipal parking, will add to harmful emissions.

The implementation will cause harm to businesses, staffers, workers, over 2500 schoolchildren, and churchgoers. Protected lanes could be installed tomorrow with no loss of parking spaces. We have painted lanes which are popular and supported. We ask for the many safety measures requested by our Community Board 2 before taking this drastic step.

We are lacking our primary alternative. Mass transit is in “crisis” as described by the mayor, and adequate mass transit would be a prerequisite before removing street space, parking spaces, and lanes.

Many of us cannot choose bicycles. The sacrifice and difficulty of plan implementation rests on our shoulders alone. The mayor is disrupting our ability to earn a living or operate, with no alternative or example by himself or his commissioners to, for instance, take public transit or a bike to work one day a week. Even in 2017 his fleet was over 30,000, ten percent more than when he took office.

Northern Blvd. is a more direct through route for the “7+ mile Bike Highway from Forest Hills to midtown Manhattan.” announced as the DOT goal. We support its selection for protected lanes, because all statistics point to it higher rate of accidents and deaths.

The city is forcing a change on relatively safe streets, casting statistics in a way that portrays the streets as dangerous, in order to impose a sweeping change without regard to the facts or the wishes and safety of a united community.

Queens Streets for All:
Skillman Project
Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce
Access Queens
United Forties
Mimar Sinan Camii Mosque
Young Israel Synagogue
Queen of Angels Church
AR Rahman Jame Masjid Mosque
Sunnyside Reformed Church
Grace Fellowship Church
St. Sebastian’s Church Academy
Holy Mountain Korean School
The undersigned, and signers to written petitions.


Do you need blanks hard copies of the petition? Contact

Email: QueensStreetsforAll@gmail.com
Twitter: @QueensStreetsforAll
Visit: QueensStreetsforAll.org
Facebook: Queens Streets for All

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